Corporate travel – The benefits of having happy employees

Many associate the word work with negative aspects. While the good side includes generating income, the thought of getting up early, sitting for several hours or even having unpleasant co-workers is not very nice. These aspects are counterproductive for any company. Having happy employees will make you prosper and ultimately make more money. The best solution for this is corporate travel.

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of employers who decide to take trips to promote social relations among their employees. Puerto Rico is chosen time after time as a destination for these meetings. The sun, sand and sea are places that leave those who visit them happy, and the results produced are of great benefit.

Business travel in the post-pandemic era

The Covid 19 pandemic has greatly changed the dynamics of the workplace. Many companies were forced to readapt their work to the online environment. Others, which did not have this possibility, were forced to close their doors indefinitely.

This situation had an enormous economic and social impact. Relationships that had been fostered for many years were affected. Now that the worst is over, it is time to start, perhaps from scratch, to build ties within the workplace. This is where business travel assumes an important role.

Benefits of corporate travel

1- Promotes social relations

Many employers believe that if workers form friendships at work, it will be counterproductive. Perhaps, they bring with them the idea that they will occupy the offices as a meeting point and stop working. This is far from the truth. Those who have emotional ties within their work environment will create a stronger bond with their work. 

2- Increased productivity

Motivated employees will have a higher spirit and willingness to work. Going to the office every day will not be seen as a burden. Sharing 8 hours a day with people who are friendly or with whom you have formed a bond will be pleasant.

This is greatly reflected in those who work in sales. A cheerful and predisposed spirit will consequently make customers happy. 

Think about it another way, how would you feel if your boss took care of you to the point of inviting you to a corporate trip to Puerto Rico?

3- Increase in attendance

Those who feel uncomfortable or dissatisfied with their jobs are more likely to be absent. No one likes to be in a place where they feel unappreciated. On the other hand, if you know that you are valued and cared about in your company, you will want to take care of your job at any cost. 

4- Improves health

To take care of a job, many people work off the clock and do not rest. Although you may think it’s better because they will “work more, ” it will be counterproductive in the long run. Those who do not take adequate rest will be more prone to illnesses and be less efficient in their tasks.

5- Increased creativity

If having a coffee looking out the window can help us to have a new idea, how much more to enjoy in a paradise like Puerto Rico! Corporate travel has the added bonus of offering that extra to all your employees. The possibility of being, as a group, in a place that inspires, will bring innovations to your company. 

Corporate travel reinforces good relationships between coworkers.

Employer-employee relationship

To be honest, few employees like their bosses. Being in a subordinate position can create an uncomfortable barrier in the work environment.  

If you are thinking of making corporate travel to build trust with your employees, some tips can help you:

Show interest.

If you have never done an activity like this before, it may seem strange. Many may even decide not to take the trip. That’s why it’s good for you to show that you’re really interested in them attending. You can make personalized letters that show how important they are to the company. Accompanying it with a gift will be a nice touch.

Plan in advance what the activities will be upon arrival.

Although it is a corporate trip, encouraging planned “leisure” time is a good option. If you choose Puerto Rico as your destination, you will have many options. Obviously, enjoying the beaches will be at the top of the list. You can also visit popular places such as El Yunque or Old San Juan.

Show interest in your employees’ needs.

Many managers let their secretaries organize the trip and when they arrive they are “disconnected from reality”. Although they had the good intention of creating a bond with their employees by organizing this activity, they don’t show it by their actions. 

Participate in the activities, ask them how they feel and look for topics of common interest. Make them feel comfortable that they decided to attend this event.

Continue to improve

Do not implement the popular expression “what happened in Puerto Rico stays in Puerto Rico”. Let this trip serve as an initiative to continue making them. This can even trigger other links within the company, such as end-of-year celebrations, birthdays, etc. After a while, you can even hold a meeting to see their impressions of this activity. Seek to generate positive memories. 

Corporate travel will be a before and after in your company. You will see how the work environment will generate the right conditions for productivity to increase and therefore, your company will prosper. Come and visit Puerto Rico with your company, you won’t regret it!


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